How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Small bedrooms and guest rooms can be difficult to style. Unlike the master bedroom, where you may have extra space for an en-suite or a walk in wardrobe, smaller bedrooms are often overlooked in design. This can result in a small space that feels cramped and pokey. 

In this article we’re going to be looking at some small bedroom ideas and some interior design & style ideas to maximise your floor space.

How to Style a Small Bedroom to Look Bigger

  1. Utilise Mirrors

    Mirrors in interior design have always been a popular choice. Mirrors bounce light around the room creating the illusion of more space. While this works well in all rooms, it is especially effective in small rooms where space is a commodity. 

  2. Use Functional Furniture

    If square footage is a commodity in your small bedroom, then it’s worth investing in functional furniture. Instead of getting a standard bed consider getting one with some storage space underneath. While this may not be used every day, extra storage for seasonal clothing is a must in any bedroom. 

    Instead of a traditional bedside table, you could invest in a wall mounted shelf. While this doesn’t inherently save any space, it does make the room look much bigger because you’ll be able to see underneath it, allowing more visible floor space. 

  3. Sliding Wardrobe Doors

    Wardrobes are a must for any bedroom, but in small bedrooms the design of wardrobes need to be carefully thought out. Using sliding wardrobe doors rather than traditional outward hinged doors allows less floor space to be taken up. 

    Our range of sliding wardrobe doors are custom designed and made to measure. This means that you can maximise the use of space in a small room. All of our sliding doors come in a range of styles and colours that can be matched to fit in with your existing decor. 

  4. High Up Storage

    Older houses traditionally have higher ceilings. When utilised properly they can form extra storage solutions, especially in recesses or alcoves. Make use of these hard-to-reach areas by using them as clutter storage. 

  5. Choose the Right Size Bed

    While it’s always tempting to get the biggest bed possible, if you’re trying to make your small bedroom seem bigger, then you’ll need to downsize. Instead of a king sized bed, opt for a double or even a small-double. 

    Ideally, you’ll want to leave 30 inches around the bed to be able to comfortably get in and out. For a more luxurious feel, aim for 36 inches, this will obviously require compromise on the size of the bed. 

  6. Get Rid of the Headboard and Footboard

    A headboard and a footboard might only add a couple of inches to the space around the bed, but in a small bedroom it may be enough to make a major difference. Getting rid of the headboard and footboard or simply opting for a stylish bed frame with thinner headboards will help the room feel bigger. 

  7. Use a Sofa Bed

    If you’re planning on using the small bedroom as an occasional room, you may want to swap out the bed for a sofa bed. This way you can utilise the room as a dual purpose room. When the bed is folded down into a sofa there will be much more floor space available, making the room feel bigger. 

  8. Make Use of Unused Space

    Unused real estate, such as window shelves can be utilised as storage areas. Be careful not to fill it too much with small trinkets and clutter, instead utilise the space for photo frames and some books. 

  9. Utilise Built in Spaces

    Old fireplaces and alcoves can be a pain to fill with furniture. Instead you could utilise these spaces for additional storage areas. Use some of our made to measure sliding doors to fill these spaces. Available in a variety of colours and finishes they can be designed to match your existing decor. 

  10. Use Light Colours

    Light colours help keep natural light in the room, similar to mirrors, this can make the room seem bigger. Light coloured walls open up the space and help make it more breathable, this can be especially true in smaller rooms. Hygge is an interior design trend that uses neutral palettes and colours to create a cosy atmosphere. 

  11. Featured Wall

    While it may seem like a waste of time wallpapering a small wall, it can have a big effect. By utilising the wall space you’re creating an eye catching section of wall that not only adds some style to room but can actually make it look bigger. Adding a pop of colour will help you add some style and personality to the room. 

    If you’re not keen on wallpaper, then you could paint colours onto a featured wall to make it stand out. Using contrasting dark colours with light colours of the room to add some depth to your room, making it feel larger. 

  12. Area Rugs

    Rugs can make an otherwise boring floor more interesting and help add some style to your room. Rugs help a room feel finished and they can be used to create sectioned areas in a room. It also creates boundaries which can give the illusion of a much bigger room. 

    Using different sizes and different shaped rugs will add some interest into an often overlooked floor. Complimenting areas with different shapes such as a circle rug or a faux-fur style rug can help create the sense of a bigger room. 

  13. Floor to Ceiling Curtains

    When you have floor to ceiling curtains they draw the eye upwards which can help give the appearance of a bigger room. When they’re closed they also fill a full section of the wall which makes the wall seem longer and therefore the room seem bigger. 

  14. Interesting Light Fixtures

    Interesting lighting fixtures help draw your eye up to the ceiling which utilises the empty space above the bedroom furniture. This can help give the appearance of a much larger room. A light fixture that diffuses light can have an even spread around the room and create a much more softer and cosy feel. 

    Rather than opting for a bedside lamp that requires a bedside table, you could install some wall mounted lights. This helps save floor space, making the room seem bigger, but it also makes the room feel well-thought out. 

Hopefully you've picked up some design tips and ideas for small bedrooms. Check out our sliding wardrobe doors for a made-to-measure, stylish storage solution.