Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make your Guest Feel Comfortable

Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make your Guest Feel Comfortable

When friends and family come to stay over, you’ll want your guest bedrooms to be as comfortable as possible. A well designed guest room will make anyone feel welcome, even when they’re far from home. Most of us want to be better hosts and there’s no better place to start than the guest bedroom. Making the bedroom cosy and inviting will make your guests experience a positive one and will come back time and time again. 

Designing a guest bedroom shouldn’t be hard or expensive. In this article we’re going to discuss some decor ideas for guest bedrooms to make your guests feel as welcome as possible. 

  1. Bedding

    After spending time away from home, the most important thing that your guests will be craving is comfortable bed. Make sure you invest in a decent and comfortable mattress to ensure your guests get a good night's sleep.

    Get some high quality bed linen, there’s nothing worse than scratchy sheets! Everyone has different pillow preferences, so make sure you have enough to cater for any type of guests. Add some throw pillows and an extra blanket to make the bedding look more comfortable. 

    If you make the bedding as inviting and as comfortable as possible, then your guests will have an amazing sleep. 

  2. Upgrade the Attic

    If you don’t have a spare bedroom in your house, consider upgrading the attic. While this may sound like an expensive task, you can do it on a relatively small budget. Attic rooms are rarely used in comparison to other rooms in your home. Therefore an attic conversion would be the ideal space for a guest room. 

    Use the eaves of the attic to build a snug and a place for your guests to escape. Being able to offer your guests their own personal space will help them relax. Check out these attic storage solutions to keep clutter at bay in your conversions.

  3. Choose Colours Carefully

    As you’ll notice from our other articles, choosing the colour of a room is an important task and can dictate the emotions people feel when they walk in. When picking a colour palette you want to try and stay away from garish and bright colours. Try to stick to a Hygge interior design to keep the room relaxed and peaceful. 

    Your guest bedroom decor should use neutral colours in order to make it welcoming. The colours need to invoke a relaxing feeling so that your guests can get a good night's sleep. 

  4. Don’t forget the furniture

    Guest bedroom decor ideas

    There’s nothing worse than staying in a guest bedroom that has just a bed. Adding bedside tables allows your guests to empty their pockets to a safe location before going to bed and also makes it feel more homely.  Put a table lamp on your side table so that your guests can get to bed without stumbling around in the dark. Or use it as task lighting in case they want to read late at night. 

    If you’ve got the room, you could add a bookcase and fill it with your favourite novels. This offers something different for your guests to do if they end up at a loose end. Depending on the decor of your guest bedroom, you may want to put a small TV in there to keep your guests entertained. 

  5. Twin Layout 

    If you have several friends or family over regularly at the same time, then invest in a couple of twin beds. Having twin beds in your guest room can avoid awkward conversations about who sleeps on the sofa!

    If you opt for twin beds, make sure you dress them the same. Use the same bed linen styles and decorate with the same pillow throws and blankets. This will add a visually appealing symmetry to the room. 

  6. De-Clutter the room

    When your guests arrive and you show them to their room for the first time, you want them to feel invited. If you have clutter and mess around the room then your guests are not going to feel welcomed. Make the most of your space with our sliding wardrobe doors.

    Our wide range of sliding doors will allow you to offer storage space to your guests. You can also use them to hide away any clutter and mess before they arrive. 

  7. Personal Touch

    Adding personal touches to your guest bedroom will make the room feel welcoming and inviting. Hang family photos on the wall or on the bedside table to add a family feel to the room. A vase of fresh flowers for when your guests arrive is a nice touch that will be extremely inviting. 

  8. Focal point on the bed

    In most rooms, you’ll want to select an item or a wall to be the focal point. In interior design this is common and everything is designed in such a way that your eye is drawn to the focal point. In your guest bedroom, try to make the bed the focal point. This will draw your guests to the bed when it’s time to go to sleep and they’ll likely have a better night’s sleep.

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