Making the most of your space - Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Making the most of your space - Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Furnishing alcoves, small rooms, tiny homes and small spaces can be a difficult task, but with a little creativity, you can turn these tricky areas into real features.

Whether you live in a period property with lots of character or an ultra-modern new build, it's important to find the perfect pieces of furniture to suit your home, style and space. Rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and clever use of these spaces will give you total comfort at home.

If your home features sloping ceilings, alcoves and chimney breasts, it can be hard to find perfectly fitted furniture. As sliding door specialists, we pride ourselves on making multifunctional spaces and fitted storage solutions, that help you make the most of these unusual spaces.

Embrace awkward corners, chimney breasts, alcoves, angled ceilings and any little nooks and crannies. These areas can be cleverly transformed to give you extra storage space and create beautiful, stylish features in your home. We can help you by simply reimagining your space and enhance each room’s overall look and function, while creating a clutter-free home.

Alcove Storage Solutions

Alcoves are recessed walls within a room, which can make placing furniture difficult. Standard wardrobes can be tricky to fit within this space. Instead, a clever made-to-measure wardrobe with sliding doors makes brilliant use of this awkward area.

With fitted furniture, you can choose exactly what you need in your wardrobe. Choose hanging rails for long dresses, a shoe rack for storing your favourite heels, or soft-close drawers for storing your favourite things. The configuration is entirely up to you.

A fitted wardrobe, designed from the floor to ceiling, will maximise the alcove space and create ample bedroom storage.

Sloped Ceiling Wardrobes

Sliding Door Storage Solution fitted into a sloped ceiling

Sloping ceilings are a common feature of converted attics, and it can be difficult to find furniture to fit these spaces. Fitted furniture will make the most of the sloped ceiling and maximise your storage. We make beautiful and practical angled sliding doors, perfectly fitted to sloped ceilings.

To make a small bedroom feel bigger, choose mirrored sliding doors or light coloured glass to create an illusion of space. When floor space is at a premium, choose the perfect interior for your wardrobe. Think about what storage you require and design a bespoke wardrobe that suits your needs. Perhaps you need a place to hang your clothes, store linens and towels, or hideaway sports equipment.

We’ll work with you to help design wardrobes around your needs. You and your home are unique, so your furniture should be too.

Chimney Storage Ideas

In more traditional homes, the living space quite often features a fireplace and a chimney breast that intrudes into the room. Built-in alcove shelving or library panels at either side of the fireplace will create a really interesting addition to the family space. Displaying books, ornaments and photo frames is a simple way to show a little bit of your personality in your home.

Making the most of alcoves and other unusual spaces not only gives you more storage options, but can also add value to your property, as storage is a real selling point for home buyers. What's more, beautifully designed fitted furniture looks great and complements the flow of a home.

So, if you have an awkward space that you aren't making the most of, turn it into a beautiful feature in your home with made-to-measure fitted furniture. We can help you add value, style and storage to your home with contemporary fitted furniture. Get in touch today to find out more about custom designed storage solutions.