Sliding Wardrobes For Static Caravans, Lodges & Cabins

Sliding Wardrobes For Static Caravans, Lodges & Cabins

Here at Doors Direct, we know that living space is a commodity and especially when living in a caravan, lodge or even a canal boat. We understand the need to optimise your living space with custom built and fitted wardrobes that fit in seamlessly to your decor. Having worked with some innovative designers in the past and being featured on shows such as grand designs, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with storage solutions.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors in a Static Caravan Park Home

sliding wardrobes for caravans

Whether your caravan is used as a holiday home or a permanent home on a caravan park, it’s important that you have enough wardrobe space to be able to live comfortably. Our wide range of sliding wardrobe doors are made to measure and can be designed to fit obscure angles, such as sloped ceilings. 

Using custom-fit sliding doors means you can maximise the storage spaces in your park home. Moreover, our high quality range of styles and finishes means that your new sliding wardrobes will easily fit in with your decor. We can also design and install sliding wardrobes on trailer caravans, motorhomes and much more. 

Sliding Wardrobes in a cabin lodge master bedroom

Sliding wardrobes for lodges

Lodges and cabins are often short on space and storage units. By using our sliding doors you increase both space and storage. Our range of styles and finishes means that you don’t need to compromise on the decor and look of your lodge. For something more traditional, choose from our oak, maple or walnut melamine finish. A popular choice for our lodge customers is to use a mirrored effect, which helps make the room look bigger and maximise the lighting. 

Our sliding doors are often used in cabins and lodges as interior doors. Where traditional interior doors would add too much clutter and take up too much space, our sliding doors offer much more flexibility and freedom. We also offer a range of profiles (the handle area) that can be used on the doors to make sure everything fits in with your decor. 

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