Narrowboat Storage Solutions

Narrowboat Storage Solutions

Durham Sliding Doors on Mille the Barge

Canal boats or narrowboats, as the name suggests can be tight on space. Even the best planned and laid out boats can still have dead space. A lack of living space can also result in a lack of storage space.

Traditional Narrowboat Storage

Storage boxes are often too bulky, and while they’re perfect for stacking, these boxes don’t necessarily fit into the cupboard space. With living space at a minimal, it’s important to keep your barge de-cluttered. Roof boxes and storage bags are a great solution for items that can go into long-medium term storage, but for every day storage, such as wardrobes, you’ll need something a bit more customised.

Narrowboat Wardrobes

Here at Doors Direct, we can design and fit inventive storage solutions in your boat. Our wide range of sliding doors can be made to measure, including obscure angles such as sloped ceilings. By using our custom-fit sliding doors, you’ll be maximising your space and getting the most out of your narrow boat.

Our sliding doors come in a range of finishes, so you can carefully match your doors with your narrowboat decor. The frames and panels of all our doors can be customised to suit your style. A popular finish for our narrowboat customers, is using the mirror panel doors. Using a mirror panel, or light coloured glass creates an illusion of space and allows your boat to have more light pass through it.

You can order our made to measure sliding doors online, however, if you have an awkward space and you want to make the most out of it, then get in touch today to find out more about our custom designed storage solutions.