Sliding Wardrobe for Hotels and Hospitality

Sliding Wardrobe for Hotels and Hospitality

While our sliding wardrobes are extremely popular with customers wanting to add some value to their home or make their house feel more homely

They’re also popular with trade clients and we’re even a popular choice for TV shows! One of our most popular requests is to supply stylish hotel storage solutions. Not just in the hotel rooms themselves but throughout the hotel. So here are 7 reasons why our sliding wardrobes are perfect for hotels. 

Made to measure to save space

Our sliding doors are made to measure and fitted meaning they save space compared to traditional storage systems. In hotels space is a commodity and the more space you can save, the more you can sell the room at. That’s why the TVs are wall mounted and not sat on a big TV stand in most rooms. 

Because our doors are made to measure, we can accomodate awkward storage spaces such as eaves and alcoves. When you opt for sliding hotel wardrobes you also save floor space that you would need for traditional wardrobe doors.

Moreover, if you pick a mirrored finish on your sliding doors, it makes the room look bigger and lighter. Find out more about why mirrored sliding doors are popular. 

Fit in with your decor

Our large range of finishes, profiles and designs are completely customisable. This means that you can tailor the finish of the doors to match the decor of the rooms. Because different ranges offer different initial styles, there are literally thousands of combinations available. We also offer a custom design service where we can match your requirements perfectly. 

Long lasting and hard wearing

All of our doors come with a 5 year guarantee as standard. That’s because our sliding doors have been designed to be hard-wearing and long lasting. If anything is to go wrong after the 5 year period, we stock all spare parts and easy to follow instructions so that your hotel handyman can make repairs.

All our products are made to measure and manufactured in Britain. This means that we have strict quality guidelines that we’ve set over the last 40 years of supplying quality sliding wardrobes.

Improve the guest experience 

Improving the guest experience is the goal for most hotel owners and managers. We have soft-close door options available on all of our sliding doors which adds a small touch of class to the wardrobes. We also offer different wardrobe interiors which can be configurable to create a unique interior set. While these may seem insignificant, it’s the small details that can make a difference in a guests experience.

Affordable Trade

We offer a trade discount when items are bought in bulk and we can also offer, on a case-by-case basis, flexible payment terms. We can also be flexible with delivery dates. Our large warehouse means that we can store your sliding doors until they’re ready to be fitted. Because we know it’s very unlikely that you’ll fit all your hotels rooms out at the same time. 

Fitting Service

While we don’t offer a direct fitting service, we do have a directory of trusted fitters that have been fitting our wardrobes for years. Our trusted fitters are available up and down the UK and we would only recommend fitters that have had the right experience for your installation.

Lobby & Other Hotel Storage

Our hotel clients regularly upgrade the lobby with new stylish storage solutions. If your sitting on the sofas in the lobby of a hotel, you don’t want to look around and see clutter and boxes everywhere. Our sliding wardrobes offer continuity in design from the bedrooms right through to the public areas. Because they’re made to measure they can fit into unused storage areas such as alcoves and eaves.