Make the Most of your Hallway and Landing Area

Make the Most of your Hallway and Landing Area

Your hallway is the first room you walk into when you get home. So it’s important that it’s welcoming and homely as well as being a functional room in your house. In this article we’re going to look at some hallway ideas to make the most out of your landing area without breaking the bank. 

Utilise the Storage for Your Needs

The entrance hall is often used as a storage area where spare shoes, coats and bags get left in a heap. However, with a bit of clever design and some storage solutions you can quickly get rid of the clutter and make the space feel more welcoming. 

It’s important that you utilise the hallway storage for your specific needs. Do a quick inventory of the clutter currently in your hallway to work out how many hanging hooks vs shelves that you’ll need. Then focus each wall on a different storage solution; one wall for hooks and one for shoes etc.

If you have a small hallway, use wall hooks instead of a coat stand as this will take up much less room. To save more space, you could install 2 levels of hooks, offset from each other. 

Understair Storage

Understair storage is common and popular, this is because it utilises a space that’s otherwise wasted. If you have a small hallway, adding a traditional cupboard door to understairs storage may not be an option. Utilising a sliding door, will save space and be much more functional. 

Under stair cupboards are naturally dark and can quickly become cluttered. Installing a light that switches on when the door opens will help you find what you need quicker and you won’t accidentally leave the light on. Made to measure storage units inside the cupboard will help you organise and store your clutter properly. 

Utilise Mirrors

When you’re leaving the house, you’ll most likely want to check that you’re dressed properly. Adding a mirror to your hallway will give you the opportunity to correct any wardrobe mishaps before stepping out. 

Most entrance hallways will be void of any natural light. Light reflecting around mirrors will make the room seem lighter, making it a more comfortable place to get ready. Mirrors can make rooms seem bigger, which is great for the hallway, which is traditionally very small. 


Obviously, if you’ve got a dark room you’ll want to bring in as much light as possible. Replace small light fittings with larger fittings. Go for a modern chandelier to add more light to the room and to also make a design statement.

To let in natural light, you might want to consider replacing your front door with one that has more glass in. This can make the space lighter and, depending on how much outside space you can see, make it look bigger. 


Picking furniture for a small space can be challenging. You’ll want to find something that’s the perfect mix of functional but is also eye catching. Utilising something like a bench is functional as it can be used to sit on while you put your shoes on. But you can also customise the cushions to suit your decor style. If you get one with space below it, then it can act as additional shoe storage. 

If you have enough room in your hallway, try adding a console table, this can be ideal for storing smaller trinkets. Again, if you have one with an open space at the bottom, this can be utilised as extra storage. 

Colour Scheme and Interior Design 

Because the hallway is a passing room that you would rarely spend much time in, you can be more adventurous with colour and interior design ideas. Try to avoid using dark colours, as the most hallways are naturally dark and ideally you’ll want to lighten it up. 

Using contrasting floor patterns will help draw the eye to the rest of the house and will help make it feel more inviting. Traditionally black and white square tiles, that you often see in victorian houses have this effect. 

Wallpaper can add a statement to your hallway and because it’s not a massive room, you can do it without breaking the bank. Try to be adventurous with it, you could even just do a single focal wall in the hallway. 

Adding art to your hallway will help you feel instantly at home. Pick a piece of art that you really like and hang it directly opposite the front door. This will be the first thing you see when you enter your home and will help you feel welcomed. This can also add interest when your guests come over to visit. 

Optimise the Scents

Making the most of your hallway isn’t just about making it look good, being functional and creating optimal storage solutions. It’s about making your house as welcoming as possible when you come home. This means delighting all the senses when you first step over the threshold. 

Utilising things such as diffusers, candles and plugin scents will make your home smell great. It will also impress guests when they come to visit and be instantly welcomed into the home. 

Get in touch for some custom storage solutions that can make your hallway more functional.