How To Decorate with Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year

How To Decorate with Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year

Pantone is a company that is best known for its Pantone Matching System, a colour space that is used widely throughout various industries, including design, print and even branding. Every year, Pantone release a colour of the year, and interior designers, printers and anyone involved in the colour industry wait with bated breath. Next years colour has been released, and so Pantone’s colour of the year 2020, is PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

2020 Pantone colour of the year

The 2020 colour of the year has been described as a “classic blue evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky”. The blue hue offers a sense of peace and tranquility that is supposed to represent the sky at dusk. In this article we’re going to discuss some home improvement ideas that include the Pantone’s classic blue. 

  1. Home Office

    Because of the calming nature of the classic blue and tranquility to the human eye, using this colour in the home office is a great idea. In an environment in the home, where stress is likely to occur, using a classic blue will make it a much better room to work from. 

    Blue Wall in Home Office, with wooden desk

    You don’t need to go overboard with the blue, picking out a feature wall will help change the mood and tone of the room. 

  2. Soft Furnishings

    A really quick way to update the look and feel of your home is to update the soft furnishings, it’s also a great way to change the room without breaking the bank! Upgrading your cushions and throws to include the classic blue colour in the living room, will instantly make the room more relaxing. 

    Blue Soft Furnishings

    Consider upgrading your curtains and blinds with the dark blue ones, these will not only help keep the light out better than lighter coloured blinds, but they will offer a new dynamic entirely when they’re closed. 

  3. Storage Units

    Storage units throughout your home will be prominent features in rooms, by embracing them rather than trying to hide them, you can create a feature. Utilise the classic blue colour throughout your storage unit doors to create a theme throughout the rooms and the home. 

    Classic Blue Sliding Wardrobe Doors

    All of our sliding doors are available in a variety of colours including the classic blue, in the example above is the Beijing range in a classic blue finish. 

  4. Hallway

    The hallway is often overlooked in terms of interior design and decorating. Because it’s the first room you walk through when you get home, the design, look and feel are important to how you feel when you get home. 

    Use a splash of the classic blue on one of the walls to create a calming effect for anyone coming through the front door.  Often, updating the floors in your hallway will create the appearance of more space. Opt for some patterned tiles that use the classic blue colour to create an interesting floor that makes the room seem bigger and more relaxed. 

  5. Living Room

    The living room is where you go to relax after a long day and should be the hub of the home. Using the calming blue Pantone colour will help you settle and relax while you read a book or watch some TV.

    Using Classic Blue in the Living Room

    Consider painting all the walls in the classic blue in order to “wrap” the room in the relaxing colour. The classic blue encourages a relaxing atmosphere perfect for any living room, whether you’re spending time with the family or hosting parties. 

Hopefully you've got some ideas from this article and you'll be able to add your own twist on the classic blue theme in your home. For more ideas and inspiration, sign up to our mailing list.