Why DoorsDirect is a trusted retailer

Why DoorsDirect is a trusted retailer

So you’ve decided you want to implement sliding wardrobe doors to your bedroom, kitchen or another space in your house. How do you choose which company can best provide them?

Of course you’re looking for an easy-to-use service with quality products and a quick, efficient delivery system. But customer service and trust is also hugely important.

And when in doubt, where is the first place we tend to look? The reviews!

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to making choices - it’s human nature to look at the experiences of others and base your decision on what kind of service has been provided before.

Good news travels fast and for reliable, trustworthy businesses, good news travels fast to new customers.

We’ve always said that the overall customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the DoorsDirect service, from that very first consultation until our delivery driver is handing you your brand new sliding wardrobe doors. We’ll even be available to answer any questions when you are installing!

We’ll help you find the perfect storage solution that suits you and your space, incorporating your style, your interior design preferences and marrying that to your home.

Of course the final decision is down to you, but we’re more than happy to talk sliding door options, looking at trends, lifestyles and ever-changing habits.

All of these factors contribute to what we consider to be a fantastic customer experience - and our reviewers certainly agree! 

That’s why we’re proud to be the recipient of Feefo’s Customer Service Awards for five consecutive years (two Gold Awards and three Platinum!)

Feefo’s awards work for businesses that collect at least 50 reviews throughout the calendar year and have achieved a rating of 4.5/5 or more. 

Collating such positive feedback earns businesses a Gold award, but for us at DoorsDirect, by receiving these Gold Awards for two years, we were then the proud recipients of a Platinum Trusted Service Award for the three years that followed!

As a trusted retailer of sliding doors, wardrobe doors, partitions, interiors and everything in between, customers often come back to us when they decide to make further additions to their home. They also tell their friends too!

The award itself is given to businesses that “consistently deliver excellence” - and the word ‘consistently’ is the one we like to focus on.

Each year our goal is to improve on the previous year and edge our 4.9 rating ever-closer to the maximum score of 5/5.

Feel free to check out reviews on the sidebar of our website - or head to Google reviews for more feedback from our customers.

We’re sure it will help you make your decision on where to go for your every sliding door need!