Top tips for transforming your child’s bedroom

Top tips for transforming your child’s bedroom

After a long summer holiday, children across the UK are now back at school and slowly getting back into a normal routine.


But as they get older and continue to grow, their needs change and their bedroom will need to grow as they do.


The right interior design choices can be transformational for your child’s room and give them a safe haven that is both practical and stands the test of time.


And it can’t hurt to have a stylish finish that you can both be proud of!


We receive so many enquiries about sliding wardrobe doors for children’s rooms and what custom designs we can produce to help them grow, learn and feel comfortable at the same time.


Whether it’s built-in chalkboards, a design that can make the room feel larger or a finish that reflects their personality, we’re happy to have that conversation with parents and children alike.


So what tips would we give when it comes to transforming your child’s room and incorporating the right style of sliding doors?


Give them room to grow


We’ve already touched on the return to school and it’s easy to forget just how quickly our children are growing up!


When decorating your child’s room, it’s important to think about how they will use the room as they grow older.


Will they need extra storage for new school books? Will they be taking on any new hobbies or are they thinking about starting an instrument?


There’s also your child’s growing interest in clothes that only intensifies as they hit their teenage years… All things to remember when creating the perfect storage solution!


We offer luxury interiors alongside our sliding doors that can be customised, allowing you and your child to create the right amount off storage space for clothes, whether it be school blazers or party dresses.


Make an investment


When choosing furniture for your child’s bedroom, it’s worth considering ‘adult’ pieces that they won’t grow out of. As they get older, they’ll appreciate a room that grows with them.


Sliding wardrobe doors can help maximise the space in their room - and no child is ever going to grow up and want less space!


It could also be worth thinking about a mirrored finish or coloured glass, both of which are timeless and can help make the room look and feel even bigger.


It’s important your child feels comfortable in their bedroom - but also that the parents are happy too!


Bedroom or playroom?


We’ve touched on ensuring your child’s bedroom is a ‘safe haven’ for them to relax and wind down - but don’t forget they’ll be spending a lot of their time in there, so it needs to be fun too.


Whether it’s built-in chalkboards or a more bold and colourful design, we at DoorsDirect have worked alongside so many parents over the years to help create both a stylish and practical storage solution.


Sliding wardrobe doors also allow for plenty of storage space for toys, games, books and sports equipment, keeping clutter at bay.


We can also customise the interiors (as mentioned before) to ensure toys are at an easy-to-reach height but have a home that keeps the room tidy.


The basics of sliding doors mean there won’t be any intrusion on the floor space - leaving more room to play!


Sweet dreams


Alongside somewhere to play, your child’s room needs to be as calm and relaxing as possible.


We’re proud of our wide selection of colours and styles available, so it really is down to your (and your child’s) preferences when it comes to your colour palette.


Rather than bold patterns, create a feature wall or change up the decor with colourful bed linen or wallpaper.


Get in touch


We know it can be daunting selecting the right styles and colours for your child’s room with them in mind - but our expert team at DoorsDirect are always on hand to help.


Whether it be a phone call (01423 502040), email conversation or a visit to our Harrogate showroom, we’re happy to talk through your custom ideas or show you what we’ve done in the past to ensure you select the right sliding doors for you.