Sliding Doors for Garden Homes

Sliding Doors for Garden Homes

Occasionally, one of our clients will send in some pictures of how they're using their new sliding doors. This particular customer had built a garden house for her mum to live in. Using our sliding doors, she created a wardrobe and storage area.

Because space is limited in a garden house, our sliding door system is ideal for creating a custom fitted wardrobe. Opting for an aluminium frame and mirror glazed doors, allows natural light to flow freely and also has a modern look. In smaller living spaces, using a mirror effect on the doors helps give the appearance of more space. 

The wardrobe door in question is split into 2 sections, the first section holding clothes and accessories. When the far side opens, it reveals a drop-down bed making maximum use of the annex space. Because the door opening can be custom configured, this allowed the ability to seamlessly access the drop-down bed when the doors are completely opened. 

Sliding Wardrobe Doors in a Garden HouseDrop-Down bed hidden away behind sliding doors

Pop down bed hidden behind sliding wardrobe doorsWardrobe and hidden pop-down bed behind sliding mirror doors


Sliding Wardrobe Doors for Annex Homes

Our wide range of sliding doors can be used for a variety of uses and we’re always amazed at how creative our customers can be with them. Our doors are all custom made to measure and come with a range of doors designs, panel colour options and door or profile colours and styles.

Check out our range of sliding doors or get in touch to discuss custom designed doors.