How to Make your Home more Luxurious

How to Make your Home more Luxurious

Luxury isn’t an interior design term that is used in the majority of houses, this is because luxury by its definition is the best. Having a home that oozes luxury is a dream that most of us crave after, thankfully you can create a luxury home without having to spend a fortune. 

In this article we’ll discuss what makes a home feel luxurious and some luxury home style tips that don’t break the bank. 

  1. Large Ceilings 

    Having high ceilings give the appearance of wealth and luxury. Often in older Victorian style houses, the ceilings have been designed to be higher, it can help make the room feel much more spacious and bigger. 

    Obviously, if your home doesn't have high ceilings, it would be very expensive to move the ceilings. Thankfully, there are some interior design tips that can help give the appearance of taller ceilings. 

    • Mirrors - Mirrors can make a room much bigger and if strategically places make the ceilings look higher, opt for tall, narrow mirrors to hang on the wall. 
    • Curtains - Hanging full length curtains over your windows can make a room feel taller, even when they’re open, they give the appearance of longer walls. Try to use patterned curtains that fit in with the decor but also have a luxury finish to them. 
    • Moulding - Adding moulding to your ceiling will give the appearance of a Vicorian house, which in turn will make the ceilings feel taller. Opting for crown molding will add a more ornate style to your ceilings, helping draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a taller ceiling.
    • Wall Trim Moulding - Adding moulding to your wall will break up the height of it and make the walls seem taller. If you add classic moulding, you’ll make the wall appear more luxurious too. 
  2. Lighting

    Getting the lighting right in your home makes a huge difference. If you’ve got furniture or curtains blocking natural light, it’s important that you allow that light in. Using mirrors in a room will help distribute the natural light evenly throughout the room. 

    In the evening, you will want to look at how the lighting looks, choosing lamps and different light sources, not only makes the room look bigger, but it makes it feel more luxurious. Replacing light fixtures with more stylish ones can add instant luxury to a room, and making lighting dimmable, will help you create a more relaxed ambience in the evening. 

  3. Hang Art on a wall to make the room feel more luxuriousHang Art 

    Often when we think of luxury homes, we will picture large art on the walls. Hanging large picture frames or artwork will help make the walls seem bigger and in turn more luxurious. Buying prints rather than original artwork will obviously be a lot cheaper, but if you add your artwork to ornate frames, it will instantly look more luxurious. 

    Hanging art on walls will help them feel less bare but be careful to pick the right size. You don’t want a piece of art that’s so big it makes the room feel cramped, but you don’t want it too small that it looks empty. 

    If you follow a three-eighths rule, you will get the right size art for your wall. If you multiply the width of your wall by 0.37 you’ll get the perfect width size of art for your wall. If your wall is 500cm wide, then you’ll want a piece of art that’s 185cm wide. 

    Hanging the art in the centre of the wall and making it a feature of that wall will help equalise the room and make the walls and ceilings seem bigger. 

  4. Flowers

    Making sure there are fresh flowers in your room will not only make the room smell better but it will add a small luxury detail to a room. Flowers in the living room can brighten up the space and help bring a bit of the outdoors inside. 

    Pick a vase that goes well with your home decor but also has ornate patterns on, to add a touch of luxury. If you can, get a small nest of tables to host the vase for an added touch of luxury. 

  5. Candles

    In order to deliver the best experience in your home, you need to concentrate on not just the aesthetics but also the scent. Candles can be used to help create a more relaxed environment not only because of the scent, but also because of the light it gives off. 

    Large candles in ornate candle holders will help make the room feel more luxurious. Often a collection of candles arranged in a specific ornamental way will add a small touch of luxury to the room. 

  6. Built in Furniture adds a touch of luxury to your homeBuilt in Furniture

    Creating subtle built in furniture and storage units can help add a touch of luxury to your home. Especially if they match the existing decor in the home. Not only can built in wardrobes and storage solutions become part of a luxury feature in a room, but it helps with clutter. 

    Creating a clutter-free home will help you achieve your luxury style home goals. Our wide range of sliding wardrobe doors and storage solutions are available in different styles to match your decor. We also custom bespoke build each set to the mm to make sure they fit perfectly. 

  7. Flooring

    Updating your flooring can be tricky and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. So rather than replacing the flooring, consider using area rugs to pad out the flooring. This can also help make the room appear bigger depending on how they’re laid out. Use rugs that complement your existing decor. 

    If you live in an older house, there may be hardwood floors underneath your existing flooring. Revealing this hardwood flooring and treating it can help add a touch of luxury lifestyle to your home. 

  8. Update Furniture

    Rather than replacing all your furniture, you could simply update them to look a little bit more luxurious. On draws and wardrobes and anything with a door, you could replace the knobs with something more ornate. Consider painting a piece of furniture to match your decor. 

    Updating your coffee table with a luxury style finish will help create a focal point that will instantly make your room feel higher end. Adding plenty of throw pillows, cushions and blankets to sofas will help revitalise your sofas and chairs. 

    Hopefully you've picked up some ideas on how to make your home feel more luxurious and revitalised. Our wide range of styles and finishes means that you can match our sliding doors to your decor, enabling you to create a luxury style interior. Check out our full range of sliding doors