How to Make Your Home A #WFH Paradise...Permanently

How to Make Your Home A #WFH Paradise...Permanently

The past weeks have been a game-changer for organisations up and down the UK, with many realising that they can function just as well with employees working from home. In some cases, the rapid adoption of video conferencing and virtual team software has led to decisions to make remote working the new norm.

If you’re someone considering working from home on a more permanent basis after lockdown, you may be wondering how to create a usable home office space. Here, we share five things to consider when planning your #WFH (Work From Home) venture, whatever size your home.

Position Carefully

Consider where the best place might be to make your office space. Think about distractions such as traffic, washing machines,  flushing toilets or noisy housemates that might put you off your work or make phone calls difficult. In an ideal world, you’d have an area separate from your usual living space, such as a study or spare room. However, without that luxury, you will need to be realistic about what space you need

Get creative with space

If space is at a premium, then you will need to be creative in how you use the area you have available. Think about trying mobile furniture or desks that can be folded away at the end of the day. If you have multiple screens, is there a way that these could be incorporated into a built-in unit that can be closed off? A good joiner or interior designer may be able to offer you some innovative suggestions.

Let there be light

Natural light is always recommended, as this can help to avoid eye strain as well as lift your mood. If it’s not available, consider purchasing lighting that mimics natural light and will help to make a dark space more comfortable to work in. A repositionable, energy-efficient LED light is ideal if you are reading or doing close working, while dimmable options are fantastic for adjusting your light at different times of the day.

Blend comfort and utility

How will you make the space as comfortable as possible? After all, you could be sitting for several hours at a time! Do you have a comfortable chair to sit in that supports your back and can be adjusted as needed? Is there enough space on your desk to lay out any documents you need (and avoid spilling your tea or coffee)? Do you need other things such as photographs or mementoes, a reminder board, or anything else that makes the space workable and helps to maximise your productivity?

Make it part of the home

It’s important that you make the space look and feel as if its part of your home, not an extension of your corporate office. Blend the working area as much as possible with the existing style of the room, taking into account similar finishes, colours and shapes. This is especially important when work is over, as the last thing you need is an eyesore in the corner of the room reminding you of what’s due tomorrow! 

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