How to Install Soft Close Wardrobe Doors

How to Install Soft Close Wardrobe Doors

Soft Close Sliding Door

Recently, we introduced a soft close option on all of our premium sliding wardrobe doors. The soft close door mechanism adds a final luxury touch to the already high-end style wardrobes. At just £15+vat per door, not only does the soft close mechanism feel good, it actually helps preserve the doors longevity by preventing any harsh closes that may cause stress on the door hinges. 

The Soft Close Mechanism

As with all our sliding wardrobe kits, the soft close mechanism is relatively easy to install and comes with full detailed instructions. The versatile design means it can be installed on the left or right handed doors, allowing for flexibility during installation. 

How to Install the Soft Close Door Kit

Before starting the installation, please ensure you have the following fittings: 

  • (A) screw x2
  • (B) screw x2 
  • (C) washer x2

The following tools are required for this installation: 

  • 3mm Allen key
  • Electric drill
  • Pencil

It’s important that you check your opening for any hidden electrical wires and water pipes before any drilling or screwing. 

Step 1

Step 1 - Installing Soft Close Hinges on Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Insert the 2x M4 Screws (b) using the washers (c ) provided. Screw on the cams but don’t tighten all the way yet. 

Step 2

Step 2 - Installing Soft Close Hinges on Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Align and centralise the soft close in the centre of the top rail and slot the cams into the gap in the top rail. 

Step 3

Step 3 - Installation of a soft close sliding wardrobe door

Using an Allen key, tighten both the cams so they lock into place, ensure the soft close doesn’t slide, but don’t over tighten.

Note: Do not push the unit up against the top guide wheels, leave a 20mm gap. Ensure they move freely. 

Step 4

Step 4 - Installation of a soft close door on sliding wardrobe

Prime the soft close, by sliding the nib fully across until you hear a click. 

Step 5 

Step 5 - Installation of Soft Close Door

Using a pencil, transfer the indicator mark from the soft close unit onto the door. 

Step 6

Step 6 - Installation of soft close door on sliding wardrobes

Insert one door at a time into the track, repeat where necessary. 

Step 7

Step 7 - Installation of soft close wardrobe sliding doors

Position your doors to the fully closed position depending on your configuration, as shown in the image.

Step 8

Step 8 - Installation of soft close wardrobe sliding doors

To assemble the soft close pin, align the steel plate to the plastic bottom, insert the tabs into plastic slots and tighten the screw with an Allen key. 

Step 9

Step 9 - Installation of soft close wardrobe sliding doors

Using a pencil, transfer the indicator mark from the door to the underside of the track and align the pin. 

  • Align pin as shown
  • Make sure pin is fully against the back walls of track
  • Drill pilot holes
  • Fix using screws provided. 

Step 10

Step 10 - Installation of soft close wardrobe sliding doors

Use an Allen key to adjust the height of the pin. If the door is lower than it should be, the pin can be brought down so it will engage with the soft close. 

Which sliding doors is the soft close available on?

Monaco Sliding Doors

The Monaco sliding wardrobe door range from 2 to 5 doors with each door having a single panel. Each panel can be configured to have a different material on it, and our wide range of finishes allows you to match this in with your decor. The Monaco sliding wardrobe doors offer a great style for a minimalist decor setting. Using a plain mirror finish option allows light to freely move around the room giving the appearance of a much larger space. 

New York Sliding Doors

The New York sliding wardrobe doors are available from 2 to 5 doors and is completely configurable to suit your design needs. Designed with a top and bottom panel separated by a thinner, middle panel, the New York design oozes class and sophistication. The 300mm centre panel is customisable independently to the top and bottom panels, allowing you to mix and match to suit your decor. 

Beijing Sliding Doors

Bring an oriental look and feel into your room with the Beijing range of sliding doors. Available in different panel configurations from 2 to 4 panels per door, and 2 to 5 doors per set. This range offers the most customisable options per door than any other range of sliding doors. Each panel can be independently customised which allows you to create your own unique patterns and layouts. Our wide range of finishes and materials means you can customise your doors to match your decor. Check out our door panel samples

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Installation Service

We understand that not everyone wants to get on their hands and knees to install and set up sliding wardrobes, that’s why we set up a list of trusted installation specialists. Our customer-recommended professional wardrobe fitters have worked with Doors Direct for many years and continue to offer high class installations for our customers. When it comes to complicated angels, especially in recesses and loft conversions, our recommended fitters will be able to accurately cut and install any obscure angles.