5 Ways to Renovate on a Budget

5 Ways to Renovate on a Budget

5 Ways to Renovate on a Budget 

When it comes to renovating, there’s always the underlying fear that it’s going to cost you the world.

Even the word ‘renovation’ makes you think of Grand Designs-style overhauls and unrecognisable ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. But what if we told you that not all projects need to break the bank?

We at DoorsDirect have got a few top tips and advice that can really help you plan, carry out and complete your renovation project to a high standard - all whilst sticking to a modest budget…

1. Do you need an architect?

There are plenty of alternatives if an architect isn’t essential

There’s no doubt that some renovation projects on the larger side will require an architect or architectural technologist. However, if your dream is something a bit smaller and you’re considering an extension or internal remodel, then there are plenty of alternatives.

On a tighter budget, it makes sense to draw any plans yourself - something that is quite acceptable from a planning department’s point of view. 
If official plans aren’t required for what is a smaller renovation and you’re looking to add space, we don’t need to tell you about the benefits of including mirrored sliding doors.

2. Shop around

Mirrored sliding doors might be high on your shopping list

Although buying all your building materials for an entire kitchen/bedroom/bathroom from one supplier is the simplest and quickest route, it’s definitely not the most cost-effective.

There’s absolutely no reason why you have to buy all your appliances and worktops from one place and by shopping around, you’re almost guaranteed to save money.

3. Act as a Project Manager

The Project Manager is in control of labour spending and materials

The majority of homeowners trying to stick to a tighter budget will find that the most cost-effective route is to project manage the build themselves, and then take on separate trades as required.

There’s no better way to ensure each and every inch of the design is completely your own - a sense of complete control that we know is important for our customers. If you’re looking at an internal room renovation and want to maximise space, made to measure sliding doors or creating your own bespoke sliding doors could be the way to go.

By taking on the role of a project manager, you are in control of what you spend on labour and materials - and it can leave you free to choose which jobs you do on a DIY basis.

4. Reuse old materials

Maximise the space around sloped ceilings with angled sliding doors

Many of the larger renovation projects involve the demolition of outbuildings, but reusing some of the original bricks can offer huge savings.

Although some of the smaller projects aren’t going to require buildings to be demolished and leave you with plenty of spare bricks to reuse, the idea remains the same. Reusing old materials and using every inch of space is key to ensure efficiency - and it’s going to be cost-effective too.

An example would be sloped ceilings - a tricky shape to fill that is often found in lofts or within sloping spaces under staircases. However, consider made to measure angled sliding doors and you’re using space that will have otherwise been wasted or lead to you moving to a far larger - and possibly more expensive - project altogether.

5. DIY

DIY installation of sliding wardrobe doors can sound daunting - but we can assure you it’s not!

Rolling up your sleeves and tackling work on a DIY basis is one of the very best and easiest ways to cut costs when it comes to renovations.

How far you go will depend on how confident you feel about your skills, and some jobs are almost always better off left to the professionals (like electrical work and plastering).

But when it comes to installing your new glass sliding doors (or whatever bespoke sliding doors you went for…) then there’s always the option of installing yourself. If you’re not particularly confident then, like with your electricians and plasterers, we can offer a professional installation service through our network of recommended fitters.

It just comes down to what you’re comfortable doing. You’ll reap then benefits when your finished product brings a sense of achievement that you’ve been hands-on throughout and your renovation has been far more cost-effective and rewarding than you thought possible.