The timelessness of mirrored sliding doors - why are they so popular?

The timelessness of mirrored sliding doors - why are they so popular?

We originally set up as a business in 1979, dealing with replacement kitchens, kitchen doors and cupboards, and have been creating sliding wardrobe doors since 1984.

Mirrored sliding doors were popular then, all those years ago, and they’re just as popular now.

‘Timeless’ is the word we like to use, because they just never seem to go out of fashion and are always one of the most popular finishes that customers request. But why is that? 

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the pros of mirrored wardrobe doors and why they continue to stand the test of time.

They make rooms look bigger

It’s no secret that sliding wardrobe doors are going to save you tons of room and really maximise the space available to you - but adding a mirror will create the illusion of more space than there actually is.

You’ll have seen mirrors dotted around restaurants and shops to make them look bigger, and this trick works just as well, if not better, in the home. By angling mirrors at a specific focus point, it can add the illusion of depth to any room.

When it comes to finishes, our doors can be matched to your existing decor in order to create continuity - a key factor in tricking the mind into thinking a room is bigger than it is. 

They’re cost effective

An obvious plus point but one that just adds to the popularity! 

Our customers are usually on a budget, so this is a biggie. We also deal with a lot of property developers, trade customers and builders and they always tend to want mirrored sliding doors. 

You can’t beat the convenience of moving into a new house with sliding mirrored doors and the ideal storage solution already in place! 

Substitute for a free-standing mirror

Most, if not all, modern bedrooms now have the need for a full-body mirror, but there isn’t always an obvious place to put one. 

Mirrored sliding doors alleviate that stress. Mirrors are an important part of most interior design disciplines and are often seen as a source of “good energy”, so it’s important to get them in wherever you can!

They bounce natural light

This one ties in with making rooms look bigger - but mirrored doors reflect natural light and the more you have in a room, the more light is being thrown around!

Natural light boosts your Vitamin D, reduces seasonal depression and even helps you get better sleep, not to mention reduces the need for artificial light which is going to save you money and help the environment.

A word on mirrored glass

An alternative to the clear high quality mirror is mirrored glass sliding doors.

We stock 48 different colours of glass, and have even more available to order. These doors are for those who wish to inject a bit of colour into their designs, whilst maintaining the mirrored element for all of the reasons above… 

Our grey tinted mirror is a favourite among customers, but we have so many other finishes that will subtly change the hue of the natural light that reflects off it.

Consider the bronze mirror for example - an instant sun-tan for anyone that stands in front of it!