Why one sliding wardrobe door trend is here to stay…

Why one sliding wardrobe door trend is here to stay…

Trends tend to come and go, particularly when it comes to interior design, but one sliding wardrobe door that remains timeless in its adaptations is the equal split panel design - particularly those found in our York and Beijing ranges.

These sliding wardrobe doors have dominated Pinterest boards and Instagram for some time, and it’s safe to assume will continue to do so for years to come. They’re both gorgeous to look at and practical, making them perfectly suited to a wide number of interior design schemes.

These doors can also be used as walls, rear extensions and room dividers, making them suitable for just about any room in the modern home.

But these equal split panel design doors, also known as ‘Crittal-style’ doors, are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around since 1860 when Essex ironmonger Francis Henry Crittal first used this method to create steel-framed windows. But here we are 162 years later - with the small change of aluminium instead of steel - and they still feel as contemporary as ever.

Edgy and versatile, these doors have the innate ability to transform a space by giving it a cool, modern edge, whilst simultaneously opening up the room to allow more light and making rooms appear much larger.

When placed in an area deprived of natural light, such as a tucked-away bathroom, they can be used to separate the space and divide rooms with a ‘timeless’ look that can steal light from the bedroom. The versatility of the frames keep the room visibly ‘light’ in appearance. But the addition of the iconic black steel frames can collaborate with many styles (such as Scandi) to turn what could be a simple door into a stylish feature.

The doors in our York and Beijing ranges at DoorsDirect have the rare ability to be both striking and minimalist, with aluminium-framed grid-like doors complementing all kinds of other styles.

One example often used by those with high ceilings is to take their doors ‘all the way to the top.’ These can complement off-white walls or polished concrete floors, allowing the doors to take centre stage.

We’ve painted a picture of a striking frame against a fairly light wall or floor, but they fit seamlessly with a darker design too. Dark walls, flooring or tiles can allow the frames to blend in, coexisting happily with architectural elements that you may wish to incorporate.

The main selling point of the equal split panel design, sometimes referred to as ‘Crittal-style’, is that you can guarantee they are not just a ‘fad’ and will be alluring for years and years to come. They can be industrial-style doors whilst allowing in natural light - and in the modern Instagram age, will continue to be shown on your feeds as a stylish feature to have in your home.