What is Soft Close?

What is Soft Close?

Soft close is a piston style unit at the top of the sliding door that is activated by a clip that is positioned into the top guiding track.

Does what it says on the tin, when you slide the doors to the side they will close softly without any loud bangs as the sliding door closes against your framework or liner. Soft Close is ideal for children’s bedrooms so no trapped fingers.

We install the main unit in production of your Made to Measure Sliding Doors, after reading the instructions, the installer will fit the activation clip into the top guiding track.

We have various Soft Close Units to suit the different profiles we use for our Made to Measure Sliding Doors. We have different Soft Close Units because some of our Sliding doors can weigh upto 80kg, so you need to have a more durable and stronger piston.

Our innovative Soft Close feature is designed to soften the closing action of your slidingdoors and drawers. For those who want the smoothest, most refined finish possible.