Five Reasons To Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Five Reasons To Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding doors are a sleek and stylish way to add personality to a room. Not only can they be customised to suit your decor, but they also offer a simple way to maximise storage and declutter your home. Here are five reasons why we think sliding wardrobe doors are the best storage solution.

They make the best of available space

Unlike conventional or bi-fold wardrobe doors, with sliding doors, there is no need to consider space around the opening. This means that you can free up valuable space and have more options where to install them. This is particularly important if you’re fitting in a small room or a space near doors or stairs.

Sliding doors can also be used to create different “zones”, without shutting off areas completely. The sliding action gives you a smooth, easy to open design, perfect for a work-from-home office or hobby space where you need privacy but still want to be connected to the rest of the family.

They love the light 

Glazed sliding doors with finishes such as mirrored or coloured glass effectively bounce light around the room and give the illusion of space by making small rooms seem larger.

They don’t add to household noise!

Adding a soft close option to your doors means you will never have to hear a door slam again, offering you ultimate peace and quiet! This can be a lifesaver if you have young children or a partner who works to a different schedule.

They complement your style

You can customise sliding doors to suit your unique style, whether you’re looking for something ultra-modern or a more traditional finish. We can create your doors in melamine, mirror, or frosted glass, as well as offering more creative ideas such as vinyl printing. And if you change your decor or want something different, you can easily replace your doors for a fresh new look.

They’re easy to fit

You don’t need to be an expert to fit sliding doors, but accurate measuring is essential! We have a range of guides available to help you measure and fit your doors (, as well as links with leading tradespeople to ensure the perfect fit.

What’s more, if you order online with DoorsDirect, you’re guaranteed the best possible price for your doors and can choose from thousands of design combinations. Call us today on 01423 50 20 40 or email to discuss your project with our expert team.