Do your old fitted wardrobes need an update?

Do your old fitted wardrobes need an update?

Interior design has the power to both enhance or detract from that feeling of relaxation that we all crave at the end of the day. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so your interior design choices should reflect that - easing your stress and helping you to unwind. If your bedroom doesn’t quite fit that description, it could be time to upgrade. So, where to start?
Take a look at your old fitted wardrobe. Does it still feel fresh and functional? Does it fit in with the rest of the decor and colour scheme of the room? Does it look outdated? These could all be signs that it’s time to upgrade. 
Taking them out and starting again can be messy, not to mention expensive and time consuming. So giving them a fresh makeover could be the option with sliding wardrobe doors from DoorsDirect, adapted to your own desired tastes and style. But it doesn’t need to stop there - you can also take advantage of our custom interiors to help reorganise all that clutter hidden behind the doors. 
Which style is best for you? 
Consider the flow of your room and the position of your wardrobes when choosing whether to go for hinged or sliding wardrobe doors. 
Functionality is key, so if your current doors are hinged and swing out into the room, sliding doors could be the solution. By design they are efficient and space-saving, so are often the door of choice for customers who want to make their rooms bigger and more functional. 
Hinged sliding doors are always a stylish alternative however and it will often come purely down to personal preference. 
Man in the Mirror

It’s no secret that sliding wardrobe doors are going to save you tons of room and really maximise the space available to you - but adding a mirror will create the illusion of more space than there actually is.

You’ll have seen mirrors dotted around restaurants and shops to make them look bigger, and this trick works just as well, if not better, in the home. By angling mirrors at a specific focus point, it can add the illusion of depth to any room.

When it comes to finishes, our doors can be matched to your existing decor in order to create continuity - a key factor in tricking the mind into thinking a room is bigger than it is. 

You’re the boss
Custom sliding wardrobe doors are always a popular choice in that they allow our customers to tailor their doors to their own preferences. That includes the finer details and the big colour, style and functionality choices. Add soft close if you want an elegant finish, or opt for handled doors if you prefer something to grip. 
Creating a ‘bespoke’ sliding wardrobe door and interior will help your mornings run smoothly and make your life less chaotic. 
Is it time to upgrade your fitted wardrobe?
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