Cosying Your Home for Autumn

Cosying Your Home for Autumn

Autumn is seen by many as the most beautiful season of all. It’s a perfect time to stick on your boots and go for a stroll in the countryside or a snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. But feeling cosy in the colder months doesn’t mean feeling cramped and confined. Here are a few ways you make the most of your space, whether your home is little or large.

Sort and store your clothes wisely

With the days and nights getting colder, it’s time to wave goodbye to shorts and t-shirts and welcome in the winter woolies. There are many innovative storage solutions available to make sure your clothes aren’t piled up to the ceiling.

For worn clothes, look for a round linen laundry basket which can slot into any corner of the house. A linen basket is not only stylish and functional, but you can also grab them in a variety of earthy tones that will breathe autumn into the home.

Minimise the space taken up by your out of season clothing by storing items in boxes placed high up or by using vacuum bags . Not only do vacuum bags reduce the amount of space needed to store outfits, they also keep them free of damp and pests. Even better, donate any clothes you know you’ll never wear again but are still fit to wear to a local charity shop. That way you’re saving space and giving back to your local community.

Find out what’s lurking under the bed

Another way to free up space and declutter is by using the ‘dead’ space under your bed. A shallow hinged trunk or a sliding under-bed storage box can offer easy access to items you’d rather hide away while utilising otherwise unused space. Under the bed is a great place to put anything from children's toys in a child's bedroom, to storing your bed linens and summer duvets.

Give footwear the boot

If there is one thing that takes up a lot of space then it’s footwear, especially bulky autumn/winter boots. Shoe lockers or cabinets are a great option here. You may think  shoe lockers take up space, but if they’re conveniently placed in corridors or entrances to homes, you’ll quickly notice that walkways or cupboards which were previously cluttered with footwear are now free and easy to access. 

Sliding wardrobe doors

One final option to help declutter and provide you with a much neater and spacious home is investing in some sliding wardrobe doors. These doors can essentially mask any clutter you store behind them and leave the room feeling decluttered and much more open.

At DoorsDirect, our sliding wardrobe doors and storage solutions are built to exceptionally high quality standards. Whether you’re looking for replacement wardrobe doors or getting new fitted wardrobes, we offer a wide range of finishes, styles and colours.

We also supply a range of wardrobe interiors that can be configured and customised to fit. Adding different components, such as a drawer box, shoe rack, hanging and shelving that is Made to Measure can offer an abundance of space you never knew existed.

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