Are Tiny Homes the next big thing? Why downsizing is as desirable as ever...

Are Tiny Homes the next big thing? Why downsizing is as desirable as ever...

Have you heard of the Tiny House Movement? You soon will…

Born out of a lack of affordable housing, reducing our carbon footprint and an emphasis on maximising every inch of space, Tiny Homes are making downsizing desirable.

Of course the sliding wardrobe door is becoming a staple of any bedroom, but with smaller houses and Tiny Homes rising in popularity - particularly with first-time buyers - their ability to provide efficient storage space is making them even more sought after.

So first things first, what are Tiny Homes?

To the uninitiated, Tiny Homes look like posh playhouses for grown-ups and measure about 400 sq ft or less. 

Interestingly, Tiny Homes are often built on wheels, allowing owners to move around and evade some planning laws due to their status as a ‘mobile’ home.

They’re often viewed in the same category as caravans in fact.

Tiny Homes are usually two-storey and built from high-quality materials.

There are around 10,000 of them in the U.S. but currently only an estimated 200 in the UK, in part due to legalities about where they can be built…

So, where do we come in?

You don’t need us to tell you that made to measure sliding wardrobe doors are as much a storage solution as a fashionable piece of interior design.

The storage element is the key here, particularly if you’re looking at being as efficient as possible with your space.

Tiny Homes and the idea of downsizing have continued to rise in popularity and, if the figures in the U.S are anything to go by, will continue to grow further.

So if space is a commodity, then traditional doors are far from efficient. 

In some cases they can take up a huge amount of room, simply due to the space required to open them.

But if traditional doors are the ‘problem’ - then sliding doors are the solution. 
In a world where downsizing is seen as a smart move and Tiny Homes are the next big thing, it only makes logical sense to install the smartest interiors.