Add value to your home this January

Add value to your home this January

Typically January sees a spike in houses put on the market as people look to make a new start at the turn of the year - and perhaps you’re in that boat.

Increasing the value of your property should be a priority for any home-owner and is an efficient way to move up the property ladder, but only if you know how. 

Simple small changes to your property can increase the appeal to potential buyers which, of course, helps sell your home faster and at a better price.

But did you know - increasing the value of your home doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and expensive task? A lot of the time, you can improve the overall appearance and value by giving it a lick of paint. 

Here are 5 tips to add value to your home…


Improve your kerb appeal

First impressions are always important, and it’s no different when it comes to selling your house.
By improving the appearance of the front of your house, you’re increasing its kerb appeal.
It’s common for buyers to avoid even booking a viewing if the outside of the house doesn’t pass their kerb appeal standards - so getting this right is important.
Give the outside a lick of paint to refresh the look of your house, and more importantly, stand out amongst your neighbours. 
And don’t forget that the front door will also be one of the key things your potential new buyers will focus on. If you’ve got an old, tatty door, consider replacing it or giving it some TLC!

Make your house lighter

Making your house lighter gives it the appearance of more space, making it more appealing to buyers - and this is something we can help with at DoorsDirect.
Using some design tricks, you can give your living spaces the appearance of more room - and installing mirrored sliding doors can help to make your natural light go further.
These doors are ever-popular with customers for their ability to reflect light and give rooms the illusion of size.
And if you have a few dark rooms in the house, it can’t hurt to give them a lick of lighter paint. Lighter paint will help keep natural light in the room while also giving it a face lift.
Try to avoid magnolia or any other common dull colours, as these lack uniqueness that’s needed in order to stay memorable.
Removing clutter can also give a room a newer appearance. If you have a room full of clutter, it looks like there isn’t enough space to store all your belongings and that isn’t going to help attract new buyers.
Add in extra storage spaces to hide clutter and make the room look bigger than it actually is - and don’t forget the sliding wardrobe door, the king of storage solutions.

Update the bathroom

Bathrooms should look clean, tidy and hygienic and are often something buyers will want to see first. By updating the bathroom you’ll drastically improve the appearance of the whole house!
Use lighter colours to make the bathroom appear bigger and cleaner. Add a mirror or two to make the room appear less cramped, which will also help with light as detailed above.
If you have out-of-date or damaged bathroom units, then consider replacing them. Affordable, white baths, shower trays and sinks can be bought to replace old units. It’s important that your bathroom has a positive vibe to the buyer. 

Convert your attic or loft

Converting your loft space into another room is a good idea and can go a long way towards increasing the value of your property.
A loft conversion can be a sound investment and doesn’t have to be an expensive one. And if you’ve got tricky sloping ceilings, our angled sliding doors can help create storage space.
If done correctly, you can list your property with an extra bedroom, which can put your property into the next bracket of budgets.
By adding in an en-suite into the loft conversion, you can increase the value of the property even further. 

Don’t overspend

This may be an obvious one if you’re looking to add value and optimise profit, but not overspending on home improvements is key.
You need to be able to recoup the investment put into improving the appeal of the home - and getting good deals on items (such as our current Winter Sale in which we’re offering 10% off) is always a smart move.
Start with a budget and speak to your local estate agent to get some ideas of what sells in the local area.
You should also look at similar sized properties in your area to give you an idea of the average price. It’s important that your home doesn’t become too expensive for your area as it will struggle to sell.

And that’s it! If you are selling your home, just keep in mind what you’re looking for when hunting that new house - and keep DoorsDirect in mind when it comes to making stylish and elegant storage solutions that can help add a few more digits onto the end of your final selling price.