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The Benefits of Wardrobes With Sliding Doors


Choosing sliding doors for an existing or new wardrobe gives the home an instant update. The doors move easily on tracks and create a sleek, designer appearance. This contemporary style gives a bedroom a pulled-together look — and it’s a valuable improvement for any room that requires storage space. With one simple improvement, you can make your home look better — and add the decorative and practical benefits of hidden storage.

Decorative Feature

You have a choice of plain doors, multi-panel, centre-panel and mixed panel styles in a variety of materials and colours. The centre-panel creates an eye-catching contrast to accent a room, plain doors can blend with the room’s colour scheme, multi-panel designs have a clean, geometric look similar to shoji screens in Asian decorating themes, and mixed panel options allow the shopper to design stylish doors with more than one panel style. The resulting customised doors will suit your home and add value as an appealing decorative feature. You can also opt for a bespoke effect by ordering custom sliding wardrobe doors.


Sliding wardrobe doors offer contemporary practicality, allowing for ease of using the wardrobe and for keeping the wardrobe aired out. Instead of a hinged door intruding into the room or slamming shut in a breeze, it’s convenient to leave the doors open to prevent moisture build-up during the damp time of year. Leaving the doors open whilst dressing or putting away linens or tools makes the wardrobe easier to use, and it isn’t necessary to walk out of the way around a hinged door. These doors also reduce the risk of a door closing accidentally on a child or pet playing in the wardrobe.

Saves Space

These convenient doors don’t need clearance for opening them. This simplifies the room’s floor plan, making it easier to arrange furniture and accessories. The neat, enclosed doors run on tracks and don’t impede walking space in the room when the doors are open.

Choosing wardrobe interiors to meet the home’s storage needs increases the space savings further, allowing shoppers to select the features that fit what they want to store. Customising the wardrobe maximises the use of space for a perfect storage solution for any room of the home — or to improve a garage, workshop or outbuilding.

Easy to Order

Following simple measuring instructions will ensure you receive made-to-measure sliding doors. These doors are easy to fit to an existing wardrobe or for a new built-in wardrobe. Designing the doors requires only choosing a frame and panels.