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Sliding Wardrobe Doors: Space Saving in Your Bedroom


There are many ways to save space within the bedroom; shelving, under bed storage and hanging units are all ways in which you could better utilise your space. One other option is a sliding wardrobe as this provides a contemporary storage solution that fits into the size and shape of a room.

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes and can include sloping ceilings, awkward shaped sections, chimney breasts or alcoves that could make positioning free-standing furniture quite difficult. Building a sliding wardrobe around these areas is a great way to maximise the available space within your room. Another major benefit of having a wardrobe with sliding doors is that you do not need any extra clearance for the opening and closing of the doors. This means that other furniture in the bedroom can be positioned closer to the wardrobe than would be possible with doors to swing open.

That’s not to say that regular shaped rooms don’t benefit from a sliding wardrobe because they can add a very stylish and modern look to a room. Doors are available in a wide range of styles including reflective, mirrored, frosted glass, wood or mixed panels, which gives you great choice in finding the right look for you. If you want to create the illusion of a more spacious room, then light colours or reflective panels can help to create this.

The space saving continues inside as there are many different wardrobe interior designs to maximise the space for your belongings. You could add hanging rails, drawers, shelving or a range of racks for belts, shoes or ties depending on your needs. Having a sliding door wardrobe gives you many customisable options to maximise your available space.