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Consider Electrical Points and Wardrobe Doors


Getting a bedroom redecorated and re-styled is a lot of fun and planning. It takes time to plan where the bed will go and purchasing new furniture or painting walls and cupboards. However, there are points to consider before tackling where the new walk in wardrobe will go and how the new wardrobe doors will look in your new bedroom.

One key thing to think about are electrical points, both existing and new ones. If you are simply redecorating you might be ok with the existing structure, but if you have always been frustrated with the fact that the lamp does not quite reach the intended socket, or you have to run a cable across the floor to have the stereo on, now is the time to rethink that design.

Get quotes from different companies if you need re-plaster. Do not redecorate, reorganise and then think about plastering and electrical works. If you need to add more plus sockets or more the light switch, get a professional in as this need to be tested and can result in injury if not installed correctly.

Once the plastering has been finished and dry you will be able to paint onto a smooth wall or wallpaper if you prefer. In some cases skimming is an option, rather than re-plastering a whole wall. If you are moving furniture around have a look at the existing points before you plan wardrobes as you may need to move the electrical points first.

If you are creating a walk-in wardrobe or en-suite, make sure there are suitable electrical points and lighting installed first as light switches and plug sockets may need to be moved around.