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Children and Wardrobe Sliding Doors


We recently blogged about saving money when it comes to bedroom furniture so to follow on from that post, we wanted to highlight that sliding doors really are practical for a child’s room as they grow up and their personalities and wants change.

A lot of parents look for bedroom furniture to last through many stages if not all through the stages of a child’s life at home from newborn right the way through the teenage years and beyond. We have highlighted how MFC panelled doors can be changed, but what about coloured glass doors for younger children.

The safety of a child is paramount when they are at home, especially when they are playing in their own room. Doors Direct take this into consideration and doors from them are safety backed to European EN 12600 and BSI 6206 standard so these can be fitted within a child’s room and the panels can change throughout the years. The standards quote that if the ‘glass is broken in an accident although cracks may appear, the safety laminated backing holds the fragments together and they do not separate or fall off’.