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Tips for Selling Your Home This Year


Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home it’s time to start the arduous process of actually finding a buyer. The key is to make your home as appealing to potential buyers as possible; if it looks good on paper it needs to look even better in person. If you are struggling to sell your home there are a few quick fixes you can do to make it more appealing.

Tidy Up

One of the main factors that buyers are put off a potential new home by is clutter. If your home is a mess it will be easy for them to see how their home could end up the same way. Not only this put clutter tends to fill rooms and make them look a lot less spacious; space is one of the most important things to many buyers. Don’t over tidy however, buyers will want to see that the space is well lived in.

Improve Key Rooms

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the house when it comes to selling. It can make or break a sale. There are a number of things you can do to improve the kitchen and none should cost very much. A really thorough clean is the main thing. Make sure the kitchen looks like it’s a hygienic place to cook. Scrubbing kitchen tiles and grout can make them come up like they’re completely new and likewise cleaning stainless steel appliances can breathe a whole new lease of life into your kitchen.


You’d be surprised how much a coat of paint can make a difference to any room in your home. It can brighten up any room and make it much more appealing. It shouldn’t cost too much to do and could significantly improve your chances of selling. Go for light colours not only because it will give the illusion of big open spaces but also because it will give potential buyers a blank canvas to work with when they move in.

Make it Welcoming

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to make your home feel welcoming to visitors. Many people put a pot of coffee on or even bake bread to make the house smell nice. Coffee is a great idea because it will give you something to offer to viewers of your home in addition to wafting throughout the space.

Accessories are a great way to make a home look nice. New modern pictures and pieces of art for the walls or even something simple like new towels in the bathroom can make a difference. You could also cover up stains on carpet with rugs and spruce up old sofas with throws. Remember you can take all of these things with you when you leave so you won’t be losing any money.