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Different Bedrooms for Different Ages


A bedroom for an adult is mainly focused on relaxing, sleeping and changing. The way the furniture is arranged and of course the mattress and bedding will all aid a good night’s sleep. The difference between an adults room and a teenagers or young child’s is the purpose for the room. For example, teenagers rooms are traditionally made up of mountains of clothes that belong in a wardrobe or closet and those clothes mountains seem to get higher as they grow older and socialise and become independent.  An adult, or the homeowner, will be more inclined to put clothes away in the drawers or sliding wardrobes to keep the floor clear.

Secondary school children will also use their rooms for homework and this is where is it important to decorate the room and organise furniture which will encourage productivity and relaxation. A parent might not be able to control the level or height of clothes on the floor, but they will be able to help create a working environment.

Ensure the young child can sit correctly by investing in a desk that will encourage work. Make sure the desk has enough space for a laptop, books and storing papers. If the desk is cramped and difficult to sit out, it will make concentrating harder.

Encourage children to keep a tidy room by putting clothes away and taking food dishes downstairs. This will create a cleaner room and encourage the child to be organised.

Make sure the room is relaxing and bright. Working in dimly lit conditions can lead to eye strain and headaches, and the risk of tiredness is brought on quicker.

If the bedroom space is not suitable for working, or if the bedroom is shared then why not make sure the living room or quiet area in the house can be made available for working and studying.