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How to Choose the Perfect Sliding Wardrobe Doors


Finding and selecting the best sliding wardrobe doors is a fairly straightforward task, but it does require a few key considerations so you end up with a door that will fit the wardrobe and comes within your budget.

Plan Ahead

Start your selection process by planning for the new door. In some cases, that might mean taking off an old door or it might mean determining the feasibility of putting in sliders and solving any complications that might arise with different types of doors.

When planning ahead, set a maximum budget to narrow down the choices. A wide range of prices are available on wardrobe doors, so it’s important to determine your maximum. During the budget planning, determine whether to have the doors professionally installed. Installation will add to the final budget, so if you have reasonable DIY skills, you should definitely consider doing the installation yourself. It is actually quite straightforward to install sliding wardrobe doors.

Measuring the space is also part of the planning process. Make sure you follow our measuring guidelines to ensure you get the correct dimensions.

Style Considerations

Wardrobe sliding doors come in a wide range of different styles, materials and colours. Choosing the right style to match the room is essential in the success of the project.

The sliding doors in our premium range have aluminium frames in silver or bronze with a variety of trims. Popular finishes include coloured glass and clear mirrors. We offer three distinct designs: Monaco is a full panel door without embellishment; New York has a narrow panel sandwiched between large top and bottom panels; Beijing offers the flexibility of 2, 3, 4 or 5 panels.

Style selection is a personal choice based on your own preferences, space and budget.

Choosing a sliding door for a wardrobe starts with planning and ends with the final selection. It will take some time, but the end result is an amazing room that makes the efficient use of space. Ultimately, the sliding doors add to the design and functionality of your wardrobe.