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The Many Design Features of Sliding Doors


When we think about sliding doors we often associate them with bedroom furniture like sliding wardrobes in the bedroom, but there are so many different designs out there with mix and match options your sliding wardrobe can become a feature wall in any room of your home, office or studio rather than an another piece of bedroom  furniture.

Coloured Glass
The range of glass that you can you can buy from Doors Direct  varies from  3 different tints of mirrored glass ( clear, grey and bronze tints), 2 different frosted glass ( bronze and silver) through to many different  colours of  glass, all of which are  which is in fact safety backed  to  EN 12600 and EN12600 glass  safety standards. If glass doors are an interest the type and colours can be mixed to give you a unique choice within any of our designs of sliding doors

Coloured glass is reflective and therefore brightens up the room and really can bring the room ‘to live’.

Mirror Glass
There is a tint of mirror glass to suit every bedroom design. Clear mirror glass is a popular choice as it can double up as a full length mirror, which saves a mirror needing to be fixed onto the bedroom walls. If you like mirrored glass and want to make more of a design feature on the glass there is the option for two tinted mirrors grey or bronze. These is similar to the clear mirror glass, except that the reflection is not clear due to the colour tint within the mirror.  Grey tinted mirror glass is very nice with black, white or red panel doors for example.  If you are looking for a different theme then a bronze tinted

Frosted Glass
This style of wardrobe door is more expensive than the traditional mirror sliding doors. The frosted glass provides a more matt/sparkle finish through the frosting process.  There are two options of frosted glass – silver frosted and bronze frosted finish


The choice in doors is determined by where and what you want to use them for as well as the  design, finish and the colour option you choose.  If you are looking for a practical door that can also be used as a design statement in a room then the mirror doors work really well. If you are looking to enhance a room with some tone change or even a strong statement of colour then the coloured glass is an option. There is no reason whatsoever you cannot combine both so  for example within the glass ranges you could mix clear or tinted  mirror with any colour of glass or either , frosted finish depending on the style of door you are looking at for your room

Just these three types of glass can create a feature with the mix and match option of 2 doors grey tinted and mixed with a black panel.