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Sliding Doors Around the Home


The most common use of sliding doors in the home is for wardrobes. This isn’t the only use though; they can be utilised in many great ways around the home. Here are just a few ideas although there are many more that we can think of and probably some we can’t.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is one place where you might not immediately see a use for sliding doors but there a few. The obvious is of course as a storage solution. In modern kitchens it is becoming more and more common to see large floor to ceiling cupboards with sliding doors rather than the standard floor and wall kitchen cabinets.

Another great use of sliding doors in a kitchen is to section off or hide a certain part of the room. If you have an alcove you might consider installing a breakfast bar that you can close off with sliding doors. This will allow you to leave boxes of cereal and your coffee machine out and ready to go without the room looking cluttered. If you have children who love arts and crafts, you could section off an area where they could do this and leave everything ready to use.

Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is one that many people don’t utilise very well. It often becomes a dumping ground for everyday junk or a place to keep shoes, coats and umbrellas. The odd shape makes it difficult to install any pre built furniture but some sliding door systems can be designed to fit the space perfectly and help you declutter your home.

In the Living Room

The living room is one of the most important places in the home to keep tidy; many people can’t relax in a cluttered space. The majority of people these days have a large flat screen TV and a whole host of other entertainment equipment like DVD players, satellite receivers and games consoles. Keeping all these boxes and the wires tidy can be a nightmare but you can easily hide them all behind sliding doors. You could even install shelves to store your CDs, DVDs, books and more.