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Updating Bedrooms For Different Ages


A bedroom is a private place and the one room which we all like to customise in our own style. The furniture and décor of a room will no doubt change over time and anyone with children will know that tastes and room styles will definitely change throughout the years. One way to keep costs at a minimum when it comes to decorating a room for changing tastes is to go for neutral colours on the walls such as magnolia or beiges.

The type of bedroom furniture is also likely to change from bunk beds and desks to do homework at, through to a single bed, vanity units or space to leave football kits or even some keep fit equipment.
If you have a bedside cabinet the draws can be repainted or re-varnished. The same applies to painting or vanishing a desk, bookcase or shelving unit.

Thankfully there is one piece of furniture that does not need to change and that is the wardrobe. If you have a free standing unit with wooden doors, these can often be varnished, sanded and repainted over the years to reflect the changing ages and fashions.

Sliding door wardrobes these can also be adapted and altered throughout the years. The range of MFC panels available can make any wardrobe stand out without having to invest in another wardrobe or the need to keep the same wardrobe doors. MFC (Melamine-faced chipboard) is a popular choice for wardrobe doors and is widely used.

Sliding door wardrobes are a popular choice for bedrooms as they provide a lot of storage space and therefore a whole range of clothing attire can be placed in the wardrobes, which include shoes, t-shirts and socks for example. These items will often be kept in a chest of drawers, so if you can make space in the sliding wardrobe, this will save floor space as the drawers will not be needed, so that’s another piece of furniture that will not need painting or modernising either.